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Become A Federation Officer

check out the new federation appointment process and apply now

Welcome to Your Federations Headquarters

On this page you will have access to all things federation. Check out the new federation officer appointment process, get to know your federation officers, stay up to date with all federation activities, and much more. 

Officer Appointment

This year we are excited about our federation ministries in view of the changes that we will be making.  The first of which includes a new appointment process that will take the place of the old election process. 

In this new system, you will be able to apply for open positions within the federation. In this new system latitude will also be given to the newly appointed president of the federation to select certain members of their team. This will help to ensure team continuity as well as add a level of accountability. 

Open Positions

Open Positions

The following federation officer positions are open in each federation:

1. President

2. Treasurer

3. Secretary

4. Music Coordinator

5. Sports Coordinator

6. Bible Bowl Coordinator

7. Communication/PR

8. Young Adult Coordinator

9. Temperance Coordinator

10. Chaplain


It is also important to note that the job of the federation will be more streamlined going forward. Each federation will provided with a schedule for the year, programming templates and ideas, and other resources that will be made available upon appointment. 

Application Instructions

1. Download the application from this site or save it to your computer.

2. The file is fillable so you can:

       a. Fill it in by clicking on the form and filling the boxes or checking the options. Then save the  file as yourname_federationapp.pdf. Mail the new file to

       b. Print the application. Fill it out manually. Scan the application and email it to

       c. Print the application. Fill it out manually. Mail it to
                  Kory P Douglas, 3301 Parallel Pkwy, Kansas City, KS 66104
    attn: CSAYYA Federations

       d. Print the application. Fill it out manually. Fax to (913) 371-1609    attn: Kory Douglas


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